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Deliver Us The Moon are acum suport pentru Raytracing și NVIDIA DLSS


Într-un interviu dat la începutul lunii octombrie, cei de la KeokeN Interactive spuneau că jocul Deliver Us The Moon este pregătit să primească suport pentru Raytracing și NVIDIA DLSS.

Actualizarea a sosit în sfârșit și NVIDIA a împărtășit o mulțime de informații despre munca pe care au făcut-o alături de KeoKen Interactive pentru a optimiza ambele tehnici de randare. Există trei efecte de Raytracing în Deliver Us the Moon: reflexe opace (Raytraced Opaque Reflections), reflexii transparente și umbre. NVIDIA a furnizat descrieri și exemple pentru toate aceste efecte.

Raytraced Opaque Reflections

Raytraced Opaque Reflections

The power of real-time ray-traced opaque reflections allows a developer such as KeokeN Interactive to add reflectivity to every suitable surface in a scene. Suddenly, a room comes alive as each light source is faithfully reflected off of each object just as it would in the real world. And since each reflection utilizes the Fresnel Effect, it adds a sense of depth and distance in the space.

The lunar colonies of Deliver Us The Moon are filled with smooth metal surfaces that will let you see your character’s reflection, as well as your surroundings from the correct angle when ray-traced opaque reflections are enabled. And ray-traced shadows are also reflected, adding yet another level of depth and immersion to your experience.

Raytraced Transparent Reflections

Ray-traced transparent reflections add new details to a scene that simply weren’t possible using traditional methods. Now when you look out across the barren lunar landscape from inside the Copernicus Outpost, you’ll see the walls and lights behind your character softly reflected off the protective glass windows.

Just like with real glass, the objects beyond retain their crisp details, despite the accurate reflections on the window’s surface.


Raytraced Shadows

Abandoned colonies aren’t known for their abundant lighting, and Deliver Us The Moon uses this concept to create some exciting and immersive environments that are exponentially enhanced by ray-traced shadows.

As you navigate the deserted colonies of the Earth’s moon, your character and every object in the environment will cast realistic and immersive shadows onto their surroundings, no matter how small, thanks to real-time ray-tracing. Traditional shadow-casting methods like shadow mapping don’t allow for finer details for smaller objects. However, you can see the finer details in the shadow cast by the grated walkway in the screenshot above where ray-traced shadows were enabled.



DLSS vine cu trei setări prestabilite:Quality, Balanced și Performance.

După cum puteți vedea în rezultatele de mai jos, fără DLSS chiar si puternicul RTX 2080Ti se chinuie să depășească 30 FPS-uri cu Raytraicng ON, dar situația se schimbă odată ce este activat DLSS, astfel avem parte de un gameplay fluid.

DLSS ajută chiar și RTX 2060 să obțină mai multe FPS-uri.